Suburb Profiles - Attadale

Located 9km from the Perth GPO. The land comprising the suburb was granted to Archibald Butler in 1830 and was acquired by the Scotsman, Sir Alexander Percival Matheson in 1896. Matheson is believed to have named Attadale after a small town in Scotland situated in to eastern shores of Lock Carron, not far from Applecross.

Attadale lies on the south bank of the Swan River and has a river frontage of some three kilometres, featuring parkland, playing fields and cycle/walkways, with views across the river to the Perth CBD.

There are many beautiful homes on large blocks near the foreshore, but property is generally more affordable than in neighbouring Applecross. There are a few units and villas around, but the typical property is a four bedroom house with one, or quite often two storeys. There a still a few vacant blocks to be found for those wanting to build their own house.

The nearby Canning Highway provides easy access by car or bus to the Perth CBD and Fremantle.

 Local Council: City of Melville

Coopessia Pty Ltd.Trading as One Residential (ABN: 29 183 764 542) | 329A Canning Highway, Palmyra, WA 6157.
Thurzatt Pty. Ltd. Trading as One Residential Management (ABN: 85 732 822 462) | 1/333 Canning Highway, Palmyra, WA 6157.

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