Suburb Profiles - Bicton

Situated 10km from the Perth GPO. The present suburb of ‘Bicton’ once comprised four grants taken up in 1830 by Alfred Waylen, Joseph Cooper, William Habgood and John Hale Duffield respectively. Bicton was the name of Duffield’s estate in his home village in South Devon, England. The vineyard he established upon his death in 1859 was also given this name.

Bicton is a very attractive suburb, on the river and north of the Canning Highway. Lots of leafy streets and parks and a variety of housing – the original cottages, lots of tin roofs, groups of villas and multi-million dollar mansions overlooking the river to Mosman Park.

Great for walks on the river or sailing. Freo is very close.

Travelling into Perth could be the main problem – no railway so it’s car or bus along the Canning Hwy, which is a 60kmh road and can get pretty congested.

Local Council: City of Fremantle

Coopessia Pty Ltd.Trading as One Residential (ABN: 29 183 764 542) | 329A Canning Highway, Palmyra, WA 6157.
Thurzatt Pty. Ltd. Trading as One Residential Management (ABN: 85 732 822 462) | 1/333 Canning Highway, Palmyra, WA 6157.

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