6156 - First edition


This is our first edition of 6156 and we’re pretty excited about it!

One of the great opportunities we have as real estate people who are immersed in the suburbs in which you live, is discovering all that’s going on around you.

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6156 - First Edition

Whether it’s great things that people are doing in your area, community events, the best places to drink coffee or have a picnic, or opportunities to volunteer and support, we’re hoping they’ll find their voice in 6156.

Our first issue features Zoja Czerkasow and her 64 years in Melville. We review Blend Cafe and Pizza Bar, take a look at what's going on at Melville Primary School, and have a chat with Melville's market leader, Michael Jennings.

6156 is also a great resource for what’s happening in the Melville property market.

Each issue we’ll focus on one of them.

Hope you enjoy the read!

Category: Community

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