6156_SPRING_EIGHTH Edition


Here's the eighth edition of 6156 - it’s a good'n!

One of the great opportunities we have as real estate people who are immersed in the suburbs in which you live, is discovering all that’s going on near you.

This issue is full of more local goodness. We bumped into Qynn Beardman, the visionary behind the Boonderu Music Academy which started out in the state’s north-west and continues to spread with great success.

We review another local - Top Dup Donuts on Archibald Street, Willagee. And we catch up with Emily Ward, a Melville local with a passion for cricket!

As usual, you’ll find 6156 a great resource for what’s happening in the Melville property market. 

Enjoy the read—we loved putting it together for you!

Thanks for your feedback so far—hope you enjoy the read!

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Category: Community

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