One Way to Sell

While understanding people’s needs and building relationships is at the heart of what we do at One Residential, our success is fuelled by creativity and results.

We intentionally seek out people who are not only passionate about what they do, but who are willing to create solutions by looking from a different perspective. It’s where the power of One can make the difference between a deal or no deal; an on-time settlement or a missed opportunity; a fair price or an outstanding result.

Coopessia Pty Ltd.Trading as One Residential (ABN: 29 183 764 542) | 329A Canning Highway, Palmyra, WA 6157.
Thurzatt Pty. Ltd. Trading as One Residential Management (ABN: 85 732 822 462) | 1/333 Canning Highway, Palmyra, WA 6157.

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