Tips on selling your home

The preparation you put into getting your property ready for sale can be the difference between getting a standard price and getting a great price. And, the best part is, it’s not hard, time consuming or expensive. So it is important to do whatever is possible to have your property looking its absolute best on inspection day.

Some of the turn offs for buyers include:


  • Animal odours in the house
  • Evidence of damp or moisture in the walls
  • Cigarette or strong food odours
  • Doors, windows or gates that stick
  • Replace all cracked or broken glass
  • Too much furniture or personal belongings cluttering the space
  • Stained carpet


  • Replace all cracked or broken glass
  • Make sure all gates work well (handles turn and lock smoothly, and gates don’t jam)
  • Remove leaves and sticks from gutter
  • Replace broken fences
  • Mow the lawns and mulch where necessary

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